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Black Friday Lawn and Garden Gift Ideas

Black Friday Lawn & Garden Gift Ideas

Black Friday is just around the corner making it an excellent time to shop for your loved ones. It can sometimes be a challenge when deciding what to buy, so our experts have put together a list of 10 Black Friday gift ideas for the lawn and garden lover. Take a look at our list of Black Friday gift ideas below and be sure to check out our current Black Friday sales below:

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1. 10% OFF Black Friday Sale with Code BLACKFRIDAY2022 – Lawnifi Complete Program 9 Bottle Annual Fertilizer

Selecting the perfect fertilizer is a crucial step in the overall success of your lawn. Finding a fertilizer product that meets your lawn and garden’s needs can be tough. 

Lawnifi® is a lawn and garden fertilizer that is efficient, effective and easy to use. Lawnifi offers both liquid and granular fertilizer programs to match your application preferences.

The Complete 9 Bottle Annual Fertilizer Program is made up of a Spring Box, Summer Box and Fall Box. Each seasonal box contains three individual bottles of Lawnifi with formulations designed for your lawn and garden’s needs as seasons and soil temperatures change.

All Lawnifi products are powered by Catalyst Technology™, which nano-sizes fertilizer nutrients to make the delivery process and breakdown of nutrients more efficient. In place of working to break nutrients down, Lawnifi fertilizer is readily available for the plant to absorb through its roots and leaves at the time of application.

The Complete Program 9 Bottle Annual Fertilizer makes for the perfect gift this Black Friday as it will have your lawn and garden lover’s landscape set for the rest of the upcoming year.

For a Limited Time, Receive 10% Off Any Lawnifi Fertilizer Product with Code: BLACKFRIDAY2022

To learn more about Lawnifi, click here.

2. Buy One Get One Free Plug Tray Sale! – Grass Plugs

A grass plug is an individual turf plant that is grown in a tray; their size can vary, but generally an individual plug measures anywhere between 1.5–3 inches in length/width. Planted from 9–12 inches apart, they will continue to spread and fill in over time, creating a solid ground cover of your preferred grass type.

Grass plugs are typically used in one of two instances: to repair damaged areas of a lawn, or to establish a lawn when sod or seed is not available or not practical.  

They make perfect gifts for those who truly cherish their lawn and may have a couple of bare or brown spots they can fill in to create a seamless, uniform lawn.

Buy One Get One Free Plug Tray Sale for a Limited Time!

Learn more about grass plugs here.

3. Fiskars Pruning Shears

Pruning is an absolute must for garden health and growth, which is why a homeowner without the right pruning tool is like an artist without a paintbrush. The pruning shears are usually the best tools to ensure your lawn stays healthier for longer, with no growth problems.  

These shears are great for removing old, dead leaves, shrubs and branches that might attract pests and insects who’re looking to take cover as temperatures drop. If not maintained properly, dead leaves or branches may open up the opportunity for disease outbreaks. 

If you want your loved ones to have a healthy lawn with minimal effort, the Fiskars pruning shears are the best gift choice. These shears can cut branches ⅝-inch in diameter and have a self-cleaning sap groove that cuts the hard work almost into half. 

4. Garden Kneeler and Stool

Gardening is no easy job because it requires consistent care and hard work. However, you can make your peer’s gardening goals easier this Black Friday with this Gardener Kneeler and Stool. It has a comfy and functional design to help garden enthusiasts find the best lawn options and ensure better overall care.  

The combo kneeler and stool ensure you don’t have to stay uncomfortable for long, as it provides consistent support during yardwork. It has a strong EVA body and a lightweight steel frame for durability and lightweight.  

The kneeler and stool are foldable, allowing quick storage and portability. There’s a dedicated tool patch to help gardeners keep all their tools as well as a pair of gloves with digging tips.

5. Gardening T-Shirt

Are you tight on your budget but still want to give something nice to someone? We have the perfect creative gift that shows your love but won’t take a serious toll on your wallet. It’s a simple t-shirt with interesting designs and color shades. 

It says, “I LOVE GARDENING FROM MY HEAD TOMATOES,”. It’s the perfect blend of creativity and wordplay. Anyone looking for a fun and light gift option for garden lovers can buy the gardening t-shirt from Amazon. 

6. CHRYZTAL Garden Tool Set

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at lawn care, having all the necessary gardening tools is important. There’s a wide range of gardening tools you can invest in but finding all the tools together in one pack is a great way to find everything you need at a cheaper price than purchasing each tool individually.

The CHRYZTAL Garden Tool Set does just that. The tool pack consists of the following tools to meet your gardening needs:

  • Weeder
  • Small trowel
  • Pruning shears
  • Large trowel
  • Hand rake
  • Cultivator

Garden and lawn care becomes much easier and quicker with these tools, facilitating homeowners through the process in the best way possible. 

The Garden Tool Set is made ergonomically to fit any gardener’s hand well. You can pack them all away in the neat Oxford tote provided with it.

7. Extended Reach Garden Hoe

An extended-reach garden hoe is a perfect gift for homeowners that want more control over their cultivation tasks. The extended-reach garden hoe is designed to help you reach tight lawn spaces and rake the lawn properly. It’s best for small lawns and tight access locations. 

If you know someone that has trouble cleaning the garden, we recommend investing in the garden hoe. Apart from the extended reach, the garden hoe also offers a ComfortGEL grip, which provides comfort to your hands and makes it easier to work with the tool for longer periods of time. It can save your hands from blisters, straining and other problems while caring for your lawn and garden. The hoe has a length of 36-inches, making it perfect for better lawn tasks and balance while working.

8. Thermacell Bug Repeller

Bugs and pests can be a serious nuisance in your lawns and gardens. They have the potential to damage your landscape and make it challenging to work in the garden efficiently. Stop lighting candles and trying other remedies because the Thermacell Bug Repeller is all you need.  

The repeller has a 15-foot coverage zone and a single fuel cartridge lasts for over 12 hours, as the mats are made from synthetic allethrin formula. The product is the best alternative for repellers with deets and other chemical products.

9. Gardening Apron

Carrying tools on the lawn while working can be a serious challenge for homeowners. Running back and forth from the garage or shed to your garden can quickly become tiring. This gardening apron is a great way to carry all your gardening tools in one place, as it ties behind your back and neck for maximum adjustability. 

10. Tempest Weather System

WeatherFlow is the perfect option to track weather changes affecting your lawn and garden growth. It’s a solar-powered sensor that climbs 1,000-feet in the air and provides the latest updates to users every three seconds. The Tempest Weather System ensures you remain secure and clearly understand the weather changes. It can help users determine the following:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Temperature
  • Solar radiation and UV
  • Rainfall 
  • Lightning strikes
  • Humidity, barometric pressure
  • Dew point, etc.

We hope our list helps make your Black Friday sales worth it. These gifts give homeowners the most versatile lawn care and growth options.

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