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Landscape DIY

The Landscape DIY blog category embodies information on DIY landscape projects, how-to guides, outdoor lighting, fixtures and pathways. If you’re interested in these topics, then this Sod University category is right for you.


Fun Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Fun Outdoor Christmas Decorations 

With Christmas quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to begin preparing your yard for the holiday season.

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Dormant Grass Pallet Laying Sod In Winter

The Benefits of Laying Sod in the Winter

Winter may seem like the wrong time to lay sod—but for many states, it’s a totally safe time to install new grass.

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How to Maintain a Green Lawn Durning the 2021 Grass Seed Shortage

How to Maintain a Green Lawn During the 2021 Grass Seed Shortage

The grass seed shortage in 2021 has impacted home lawns everywhere. Find a few ways to keep your lawn green during the cooler months ahead.

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How to Start Your Own Garden

How to Start Your Own Garden

Not only can a garden provide you with a nutritious food source but gardening is also a well-known stress reliever.

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9 Popular Landscape Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Purchasing outdoor tools may seem scary, but a basic understanding of the yard tools every homeowner should own makes things easy.

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Strategies for Reduced Mowing Inputs

Strategies for Reduced Mowing Inputs During the Summer

No one likes to mow the lawn in the dead of summer. It’s hot and requires muscle work. Learn how to reduce mowing frequencies this summer.

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How To Make Grass Plugs Spread Faster

How to Make Grass Plugs Spread Faster

Grass plugs and sod pods are becoming increasingly more and more popular […]

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Compost Top Dress Lawn Wheelbarrow

How to Top Dress Your Lawn with Compost

Adding top dressing made up of compost to your lawn will reap many benefits for your grass and the soil it grows in.

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Planting Grass Seed Hand Full Spreading Seed

Easy Tips for Planting Grass Seed

Are you thinking about planting grass seed in your lawn? Our tips will help you successfully planting seed for various landscape projects.

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Collecting Soil In Hand From Lawn For Analysis Testing

Collecting and Submitting a Soil Analysis

Collecting and submitting a soil analysis is the best way to determine which nutrients your soil lacks and needs.

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Family Mom Dad Holding Daughter In Front Of Home Lawn House

Tips for Selecting the Right Grass for My Lawn

There’s more to thinking about what you want in a new lawn before selecting a type of grass just because it’s affordable and looks good.

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Aerating Versus Dethatching

Aerating vs. Dethatching

Aerating and dethatching are both highly important lawn care projects that take place around late winter through late spring.

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Man Leveling Soil

Leveling Your Soil and Preparing for Installation

Having a leveled lawn makes it easier for new grass roots to penetrate deeply and evenly, allowing for a beautiful, lush lawn.

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Top Soil On Grass

How to Level Your Lawn Without Ripping It Up

Homeowners are uncertain about leveling their lawn because they don’t want to rip it up. Topsoil offers a solution to leveling your lawn.

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Flowers Planted In Garden Landscape Colorful Greenery Sunshine

Planting Ideas for Your Garden

Each year new varieties of annuals and perennials are developed by plant breeders. Sod U select a few of our favorites to share for 2020.

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Man Laying A Slab Of Grass Sod Down

When to Use Sod, Plugs or Seed

There are certain questions you should ask yourself before making a decision to purchase sod, plugs or seed. Get a better understanding of when to use each.

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Sod Solutions Area Calculator Tool

The Sod Solutions Area Calculator Tool: Measuring How Much Sod You Need

Follow our step-by-step guide to using the Sod Solutions Area Calculator that calculates how many sq. ft. you need upon sod installation.

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Man Laying Sod Along Landscaping In Home Lawn

Tips for Your Next Sod Job

Sod U discusses helpful tips for the next time you install sod in your yard. Learn from our mistakes so your next sod job goes more smoothly.

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Grass Seed Lawn Growing

How to Seed Your Lawn

In the past, Sod University has discussed that fall is the optimum […]

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Man Laying Sod Piece Sod Installation Hardscape Rake

How to Choose a Sod Installation Company: What to Look For

Have you decided to have your sod installed professionally? Before you choose a company to do the job, check out this Sod U post.

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Home Lawn Spring Flowers

Colors to Make Your Lawn & Garden Pop

New varieties of annuals and perennials are developed by plant breeders and periodically introduced to help you create your ideal lawn.

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Home Main Lighting Night

Five Illuminating Landscape Ideas

Outdoor lighting adds a beautification factor that can set a mood and truly make a home stand out while adding value to the property.

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Home Lawn Shrubs Tree Landscaping

How to Properly Plant Trees and Shrubs

We are excited to share with you why trees and shrubs make all the difference in any lawn and how plan for and plant trees and shrubs at home.

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Front Yard Home Lawn Flowers

Great Landscaping Improves the Value of Your Home

Without question, the first thing a prospective homebuyer notices is your lawn and the overall landscaping and maintenance.

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