Lawn Insect Control

Lawn Insect Control

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Lawn Insect Control

If you see concentrated areas of damage in your lawn, you first need to recognize what is causing the damage: insects or disease. To determine exactly what could be causing it, the best thing to do is send in a sample to your local university extension office. A professional will be able to run a diagnosis and recommend suggestions to you. In the mean time, you should do what you can to learn more about what could be damaging your lawn. This blog covers the topic of insect control: curative and preventative treatment.

Watch the video below to help you identify insects that commonly damage lawns.

Curative Treatment

Once you identify what kind of insect is damaging your lawn, whether it is grub worms, billbugs, chinch bugs, or even mole crickets, you will want to apply an insecticide specifically labeled to control that insect. Be sure the product you chose breaks the life cycle by killing the adult, infant, or egg.

For example, to rid your lawn of billbugs, you will need one ingredient to kill the adults and another to kill the infant larvae.

If you are not sure what insect is damaging your lawn, apply a broad spectrum insecticide. If you use a granular variety, water your lawn immediately after application to help soil absorption.

Preventative Treatment

If you do not see any insect damage but want to be proactive, apply a broad spectrum insecticide once a year. July or August are good months to apply. Again, if you use a granular variety, water your lawn immediately after application to help soil absorption.

Insect and Grub Control

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