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How to Use Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns and Landscapes Concentrate

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Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns and Landscapes Concentrate is one of the most popular, easy to use insecticides available to homeowners for insect control. It also treats and kills over 260 insects upon contact. Available in a single quart bottle, this product hooks up to the end of your garden hose and can be sprayed in a variety of outdoor locations. This Sod University article covers information on properly using Spectracide Triazicide on outdoor insects and bugs.

Spectracide Triazicide Product Overview

Like all Spectracide products, Spectracide Triazicide is extremely easy to use as it hooks up to the end of your garden hose for an even spray application. More will be covered in the How to Use Spectracide Triazicide section of this article, but this product is frequently purchased for its ease of use and broad spectrum of insects and bugs it offers control over. With the active ingredient Gamma-Cyhalothrin 0.08%, Spectracide Triazicide’s fast-acting formula kills over 260 insects on contact above and below the ground, and offers up to three months of control of pests. Spectracide Triazicide is safe to use in lawns, vegetable gardens, fruit and nut trees, roses, flowers, trees and shrubs. The amount of sq. ft. this product covers depends on which types of insects you are treating.

Insects Controlled with Spectracide Traizicide

Spectracide Triazicide categorizes insects as above and below the ground when treating. Underground insects include bluegrass billbugs, black turfgrass Ataenius, chiggers, chinch bugswhite grubs, dung beetles, hyperodes weevils, mites and mole crickets. Surface (or above ground insects) include antsarmyworms, cockroaches, crickets, cutworms, earwigs, fleas, ladybeetles, sod webworms, millipedes, mosquitos, moths, Palmetto bugs, sowbugs, spittlebugs, ticks and waterbugs. See a full list of the insects and bugs Spectracide Triazicide offers control over on the product label. For more information on different types of lawn insects and how you can identify them, read Insect Identification.

Pictured above from left to right: white grub worm, mole cricket, fall armyworm, hunting billbug and sod webworm.

How to Use Spectracide Triazicide

As previously mentioned, the amount of sq. ft. this product covers depends on which types of insects you are treating. The method of application roughly remains the same, though. For underground insects in lawns, one quart of Spectracide Triazicide covers 2,560 sq. ft. whereas for above ground insects, one quart treats 5,120 sq. ft. For all other uses such as ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, fruit and nut trees, one quart will treat approximately 6,144 sq. ft. according to the product label. Specific application instructions for each use can be found on the product label.

  1. Shake the bottle well and connect the hose to the sprayer nozzle, taking special care to ensure that the switch is fully forward in the “off” position.
  2. Move to the farthest area of the lawn before turning the water faucet on. It is important that you do not come into contact with any of the already treated areas—be sure to keep your shoes and person off and away from the product at all times.
  3. To begin the treatment, turn the switch from the “off” to the “on” position and with your thumb toward the hose connection. Water will mix with the product and the spray will begin to come out of the nozzle.
  4. Spray the entirety of the lawn completely and evenly taking care not to miss any spots. When the application is completed, wait a few hours before allowing pets or children to resume play.

Read the product label below for more detailed application instructions.

Spectracide Triazicide is a non-staining product for most home siding depending on age and cleanliness. If you have vinyl siding, test in an inconspicuous area and recheck in a few hours before using. Read the product label thoroughly before applying.

If Spectracide Triazicide doesn’t control the insects you are currently experiencing, be sure to check out the rest of our insecticide products online here.

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