EMPIRE Zoysia is Chinch Bug Resistant

EMPIRE Zoysia is Chinch Bug Resistant

Chinch bugs, like many of us, absolutely love Florida! Unfortunately, they love Florida lawns, too. Yet, the really good news is that chinch bugs don’t like setting up camp in EMPIRE® Zoysia, the Proven Zoysia Grass® that thrives where other grasses simply can’t.

But, if being chinch bug-resistant is not enough to get you to join the EMPIRE revolution, there are plenty more reasons to choose this revolutionary medium-bladed, dark green zoysia grass. EMPIRE provides excellent wear tolerance and requires less mowing and chemical applications. It even allows the water supply to be shut off in severe periods of drought without the danger of permanent harm. Besides being more tolerant and more durable than any competitive sod, it is softer, greener, denser and far more inviting to play on. EMPIRE is the perfect sod choice for Florida lawns. That is, unless you’re a chinch bug.

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