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Insect & Pest Control

Our Insect & Pest Control blog category covers everything you need to know about the abundance of common lawn and garden grubs, worms, insects and rodents. Learn how to get control of whatever creatures are plaguing your lawn in this Sod University category.


Ant Hill In Grass Insect

Fall Strategies for Spring Insect Control

Fall is the perfect time to start taking actionable prevention steps for insect control before spring comes around.

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Sod Webworm In Home Lawn Close Up

Sod Webworms in Home Lawns

Do you suspect a sod webworm issue in your lawn? Discover how to identify, prevent and treat a sod webworm invasion at home.

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Chinch Bugs Close Up

How to Manage a Chinch Bug Infestation

Have you ever noticed tiny little black insects in your grass? If […]

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Insect Control Bermuda Grass Lawn Billbug Worm

Insect Control in Your Bermuda Grass Lawn

Many lawn lovers enjoy the look bermuda grass brings to home landscapes. […]

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Chinch Bug And Pen Size Comparison

How to Identify and Treat Chinch Bugs in Florida St. Augustine Lawns

Different grasses are prone to certain insects. Zoysia, for example, tends to […]

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chinch bug Insect Control In Your St Augustine Lawn

Insect Control in Your St. Augustine Lawn

Some of the most common insects found in St. Augustine are chinch bugs, fall armyworms, sod webworms, billbugs, grub worms and mole crickets.

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Insect Control In Your Zoysia Lawn Grub Worm

Insect Control in Your Zoysia Lawn

Find out which bugs, grubs and worms commonly plague zoysia grass lawns so that you know how to fight them off.

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Controlling Japanese Beetles Close Up On Leaf

5 Tips for Controlling Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are one of the adults stages for grub worms that frequently infest lawns. Learn how to prevent & treat these pesky insects.

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Spittlebug close up insect control

What is a Spittlebug and How to Control Them

Have you noticed little black insects with red strips hopping around your lawn? If so, you may have a spittlebug infestation.

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Insect Identification

Insect Identification

Are insects invading your lawn? Arm yourself with knowledge about which species might be present and how to defend your turf.

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Mole Cricket Insect Front View

Common Spring and Summer Lawn Insects

With the spring and summer seasons comes pesky insects, bugs and grubs. Keep your lawn from being taken over with our treatment solutions.

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Bifen Xts And Bifen Lp For Insect Control

How to Use Bifen XTS and Bifen L/P for Insect Control

Bifen XTS Liquid Insecticide and Bifen L/P Insecticide Granules serve as great tools to control the most common of lawn insects.

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Warm Season Lawns Turn Brown Dormant Winter

Why Do Warm Season Lawns Turn Brown?

During the summer, warm season grasses are at their peak. When temperatures drop and remain below 65 degrees, warm season grasses go dormant.

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Three Grub Worms In Soil

The Best Insect Killers for Home Lawns

Sod University compiles a list of the top-rated, most popular and effective insect killers available to homeowners.

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Hunting Billbug Insect

What is a Billbug and How to Control Them

A billbug is a weevil or snout-beetle that, in its larval form, can cause damage to your lawn and is often misdiagnosed as drought stress.

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How to Use Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns and Landscapes Concentrate

This Sod University article covers information on properly using the popular product, Spectracide Triazicide, on outdoor insects and bugs.

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Man Spraying Pre Emergent On Lawn

How to Choose a Company for Lawn Care Treatment

Learn about what you should look for in a lawn treatment company that applies control products to your lawn.

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Insect That Bites Fly Side View

Bugs That Bite: A Closer Look at Arthropods

Learn more about the malaria mosquito, deer fly and many more bugs and insects that fall under the arthropod category.

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Fall Armyworm On Grass Blade

Invasion of the Fall Armyworms

Today we are sharing our best tips and tricks to identify fall armyworms and learn to rid your yard of these unwelcome autumnal guests.

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Close Up Of Mole Cricket Insect

What is a Mole Cricket and How to Control Them

Take a closer look at what a mole cricket is, how to identify a mole cricket issue and how to solve infestations and recover from damage.

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What is a Grub Worm and How to Control Them

Learn how to treat grub worm infestations in this all-inclusive grub worm guide featuring Clemson University Entomologist, Dr. J.C. Chong.

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Insect Fire Ant Close Up

Fire Ant Control

The truth is that fire ants are an invasive species and must be dealt with; ignoring a fire ant problem will only allow the issue to worsen.

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Insect Close Up Of Mosquito

Don’t You Deserve a Mosquito-Free Summer?

It’s time to reclaim your outdoor living space from pesky mosquitos so that you can enjoy it to the max all year long.

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Close Up Of Mole In Grass Mound


Moles are ground-dwelling carnivores that can cause your lawn and garden major havoc. These feisty pests eat insects in your lawn.

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Empire Zoysia Grass Home Lawn Front Yard

EMPIRE Zoysia is Chinch Bug Resistant

Chinch bugs don’t like setting up camp in EMPIRE Zoysia, the proven zoysia grass that thrives where other grasses simply can’t.

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