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Insect Identification

Are insects invading your lawn? Arm yourself with knowledge about which species might be present and how to defend your turf.

Sod Webworms in Home Lawns

Do you suspect a sod webworm issue in your lawn? Discover how to identify a sod webworm invasion at home and learn how to treat and prevent them.
Fall Armyworm Closeup

Invasion of the Fall Armyworms

Today we are sharing our best tips and tricks to identify fall armyworms and learn to rid your yard of these unwelcome autumnal guests.
Grub Worm

Grub Worm Control

Learn how to identify, treat and prevent grub worm infestations in this all-inclusive grub worm guide.
Hunting Billbug

What is a Billbug and How to Control Them

A billbug is a weevil or snout-beetle that, in its larval form, can cause damage to your lawn and is often misdiagnosed as drought stress.

What is a Spittlebug and How to Control Them

Have you noticed little black insects with red strips hopping around your lawn? If so, you may have a spittlebug infestation.

What is a Mole Cricket and How to Control Them

Take a closer look at what a mole cricket is, how to identify a mole cricket issue, and how to solve infestations and recover from damage.
5 Tips for Controlling Japanese Beetles

5 Tips for Controlling Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are one of the adults stages for grub worms that frequently infest lawns. Learn how to prevent & treat these pesky insects.

Lawn Insect Identifier Tool

Help Your Lawn Recover from Damage with Lawnifi’s Fertilizer Program

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