NorthBridge™ Bermudagrass at Lincoln Financial Field

Lincoln Financial Field NorthBridge

NorthBridge™ Bermudagrass at Lincoln Financial Field

Could it be the grass at Lincoln Financial Field?

When Eagles kicker Jake Elliott hit his record 61-yard field goal with no time left on the clock to notch their second victory of the season against the archrival Giants, all 69,596 fans at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia stood in stunned disbelief. So did football fans everywhere…except, that is, the producers of NorthBridge™ Bermudagrass, the fine texture, cold-tolerant natural grass on which the Eagles play their home games. Does the Eagles 22-year-old rookie kicker from Memphis have an incredibly powerful leg? Absolutely! But being able to plant his left foot firmly on this super strong natural turf may very well have made the difference. One thing is certain. NorthBridge is as strong and resilient as any record-setting performer anywhere. Congrats, Jake from NorthBridge™ Bermudagrass! Tell your teammates to keep pounding! NorthBridge can take it and then some!

Oh, yeah…we see you making one from 65 yards before this season is over…on NorthBridge grass!

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