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Catalyst Technology

Catalyst Technology Drives Amp Agronomy Success | Sod Solutions

Catalyst Technology Drives Amp Agronomy Success

At the heart of the Amp Agronomy™ product line is Catalyst Technology™, which is capturing the attention of the agriculture industry by delivering dramatic results.

The testimonies from agriculture in 2017 are noteworthy. 

Validated reports include:

A South Carolina sod farm that reduced the typical production cycle by 4 months for EMPIRE Zoysia and Palmetto St. Augus­tine.

A bean farmer in Florida that increased his yield from 190 bushels per acre to more than 400 bushels per acre.

An Alabama blueberry farmer increasing the size and yield of his fruit by 40%.


The results from the use of Amp Agronomy products are making believers out of those who were previously skepti­cal.


Protected by 10 different US patents, Catalyst Technology is a process that employs ultra-sonic cavitation to produce a foliar product line with two unique characteristics. First, the nutrients are nano-sized (as small as 4 nanometers), which makes them right-sized to pass easily into the stomata of root hairs and leaf surfaces, which are only 5 – 8 nano-me­ters wide. Second, in a process called carbon complexing, carbon is employed to render neutral the positive/negative charges of a nutrient so that it does not get tied up with other elements present in the soil or water. For example, the Phosphorus in Root Driver, because it is neutralized, does not react to the charge of Calcium and become Calcium Phosphate. It remains Phosphorus and is thus readily available to the plant.

The net result of Catalyst Technology is a family of products that, due to their nano-sized, plant-available composition, have a typical application rate of only 1-2 quarts per acre. With the average cost of a quart ranging from $10 – 12, users can reduce inputs and increase yield, often with reduced labor and costs.

Trialing Amp Agronomy on your farm begins with a paste extract soil analysis. If you are interested in having a program crafted for your turf farm or for any other crop you grow, contact an Amp Agronomy agronomist at

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