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Buying Sod Online

Buy Sod Online

A Little Preparation and You’re a Click Away!

Yes, you can buy the right amount of the right sod and have it quickly delivered without ever having to leave your house. All it takes is a little planning and preparation.

  1. First, identify the sod variety that best meets your needs and expectations. Where you are located will help you hone in on your decision. Budget may also.  
  2. Next, determine the amount of sod your job will require. An area calculator will be of great assistance in helping you make an accurate purchase.
  3. Before actually placing your online order, it is best to prepare your property to accept it immediately. When your sod arrives, it should be quickly installed.
  4. Replacing an existing lawn requires its complete removal. Sod is never laid over grass, but rather properly prepared soil.
  5. Existing grass must be killed and then removed by a sod cutter or rototiller. That protocol is described in complete detail at sodsolutions.com/installation.
  6. Proper soil preparation is critical to a great lawn. Taking the time and energy to properly ready your lawn for sod installation is well worth the effort. The soil should be fertilized with a premium product like Lawnifi™ Grow.
  7. Once you are fully prepared to install your new sod, ordering online is a snap. Or should we say a few clicks. Keep in mind that your new sod should be installed within 48 hours.

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