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With a massive root system, Santee Centipede is one tough grass. That root system allows Santee Centipede to recover from damage quickly by rapidly covering the ground. The roots also allow for better uptake of water and nutrients from the soil, making Santee a very drought tolerant grass. Santee also features good fall color retention and spring green-up. Common centipede is a relic of the past. Santee is an improved more robust Centipede.


Santee Centipede is a patented and trademarked product of Sod Solutions, Inc.

Plug trays are the perfect and affordable way to fill in spots or test the performance of a grass in your lawn.



  • Commercial, Sports/Parks, Home
  • Blade-width: 5.5 mm
  • Feel: Moderately Soft
  • Soils: Sand, Clay with Low pH
  • Growth: Stolons


  • Color: Crab Apple Green
  • Fall Color Retention: Good
  • Spring Green Up: Good

ss_assets_icon_shade-blue-1  MAINTENANCE

  • Mower: Standard Rotary
  • Height: 1-2″
  • Weed Control: Very Good
  • Insect Resistance: Very Good
  • Disease Resistance: Very Good

ss_assets_icon_shade-blue-1 WEAR TOLERANCE

  • Wear: Very Good
  • Injury Recovery: Very Good

ss_assets_icon_shade-blue-1 SHADE TOLERANCE

  • Shade: Good

ss_assets_icon_shade-blue-1  DROUGHT TOLERANCE

  • Drought: Excellent

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