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Bella® Bluegrass is unlike any other bluegrass on the current market. Bella is the world’s first dwarf, vegetative Bluegrass meaning it is sold as a sod plug, not as seed. Bella® Bluegrass is a quick grower laterally, but has very minimal vertical growth. The dwarf characteristic of Bella only allows it to grow to about 4″ in height, which means 50%-80% less mowing for you to do. Bella® Bluegrass is a breakthrough in Bluegrass and turf technology and sets a new standard for Bluegrass aesthetics and performance.


Bella® Bluegrass is a patented and trademarked product of Sod Solutions, Inc.

Plug trays are the perfect and affordable way to fill in spots or test the performance of a grass in your lawn.



  • Commercial, Sports/Parks, Home
  • Blade-width: 3 mm
  • Feel: Very Soft
  • Soils: Sand,Clay, Muck, Peat
  • Growth: Rhizomes


  • Color: Alpine Green
  • Fall Color Retention: Excellent
  • Spring Green Up: Excellent

ss_assets_icon_shade-blue-1  MAINTENANCE

  • Mower: Standard Rotary, Reel
  • Height: 2-3″
  • Weed Control: Good
  • Insect Resistance:
  • Disease Resistance: Good

ss_assets_icon_shade-blue-1 WEAR TOLERANCE

  • Wear: Very Good
  • Injury Recovery: Very Good

ss_assets_icon_shade-blue-1 SHADE TOLERANCE

  • Shade: Very Good

ss_assets_icon_shade-blue-1  DROUGHT TOLERANCE

  • Drought: Very Good

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