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Our Criteria

At Sod Solutions we research, develop, and promote our 15 unique turf grass cultivars. Each of our grasses has one or more attributes that separate them from other varieties on the market. We work with both private breeders and university researchers to develop and bring to market some of the most advanced grasses on the planet. Our grasses come from places such as Brazil, Australia, Europe, and the US. Each of our varieties was selected for it’s unique qualities from tens of thousands of lines and stood up to 7-10 years of trials and tests before ever making it to commercial production. We are the leader in turf grass development and have a collection of the most successful and sold brands of sod in the world.

Before we decide to bring a new turf grass to market, it must meet several strict criteria:

1. One or More Distinctive and Unique Qualities
2. Economical to Produce on a Farm
3. Technically Better Than What is Available on the Market
4. Transplant from the Farm to the Landscape Successfully

The Sod Solutions Brand Family

St. Augustinegrass
Bella® Bluegrass

Developing Our Brands

Our company is not a turf farm and does not grow the grass we develop. Instead, we work with our network of more than 250 growers we refer to as “Licensed Producers” to market and distribute our grasses. We hand pick these farms for their quality, service, and reputation in the industry. When you purchase from a Sod Solutions Licensed Producer, you know you are getting the real thing. We ensure that our grasses stay genetically pure by monitoring and overseeing distribution and expansion processes. All of our grasses start out as a single sprig and then get expanded from that initial breeders block of grass. Today we have more than 10,000 of acres of turf in production. Regardless of where you purchase one of turf grass varieties, you can be sure you are getting genetically pure grass that is true to type and will perform as advertised. Below are links to each of turf grasses broken down by grass type. Click on the logos to visit each respective grass page. We strongly believe in recommending the right grass for the right application, so be sure to check out our Sod Selector for our recommendations of the best grasses for your area and needs.