Sod Solutions Authorized Distributors are retail outlets and installers that carry and promote our products. To become a distributor, a business must verify that they purchase their grass from a Licensed Producer and only sell genuine Sod Solutions grasses. They also must have a positive reputation in their community and a recommendation from the farm that supplies them. Currently, we have just over 250 Authorized Distributors throughout the US with plans to add many more in the future. Each year we go on multiple “Retail Blitz” tours seeking out new distributors and visiting current ones. To find the Authorized Distributor closest to you, visit our Where to Buy page and type in your zip code or address.

Authorized Distributor Benefits

Authorized Distributors receive free promotional and marketing material from Sod Solutions such as rack cards, customized homeowner guides for our grasses, banners, and more. Distributors receive a free listing on our site and are promoted in our advertising on local radio as well as in magazines we advertise in, such as Southern Living.

Homeowners Guides Downloads