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There is a growing problem in Southern Florida called Lethal Viral Necrosis (LVN). Palmetto has been designated by the University of Florida as LVN resistant, which is why it’s very important to ensure you get Genuine Palmetto® St. Augustine. Palmetto has been a staple in southern lawns for decades and can only be purchased from Sod Solutions Licensed Producers and Authorized Distributors or directly from Sod Solutions. Palmetto St. Augustine is the ideal grass for sun or shade. Don’t settle for “shade grass” or other Palmetto imitators, demand genuine Palmetto St. Augustine for your lawn, and be sure to check both your invoice and proposal to ensure it is listed by name. The Palmetto St. Augustine program is exclusively managed by Sod Solutions for genetic purity and is grown by sod farms that have been vetted for quality control and consistency.

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Lethal Viral Necrosis

& St. Augustine Grass in Florida

Lethal Viral Necrosis, commonly known as LVN, is a threat to Floratam lawns in South Florida. Palmetto St. Augustine is one of the few varieties of St. Augustine grass designated by the University of Florida as LVN resistant. If your Floratam lawn has been killed by LVN, Palmetto St. Augustine is an option for replacement, but be wary of unscrupulous parties selling other St Augustine grasses and representing to unsuspecting homeowners that it is Palmetto when, in fact, it is not. Learn more about LVN in the below links to a recent webinar. Above, see one of three options to ensure you are purchasing Genuine Palmetto.

Understanding Lethal Viral Necrosis - UF/IFAS - Full Webinar


Hear from University of Florida researchers, professors, and extension agents, turfgrass professionals and more on the current state of Lethal Viral Necrosis in the state of Florida. It was an extremely informative webinar discussing major topics in the turfgrass industry.

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Understanding Lethal Viral Necrosis - UF/IFAS - Webinar Sections

Mosaic and LVN Update

Duration: 20 minutes

Here from Dr. Phil Harmon on the current state of Mosaic and LVN across the state of Florida. For years Mosaic was commonly found in Southern Florida, but more recently there have been cases of Mosaic shifting towards Northern Florida.

Lessons Learned: Palm Beach County Commercial Horticulture Update

Duration: 20 minutes

Hear from Bill Schall about the lessons he has learned regarding LVN While in the field as a County Extension Agent in Palm Beach County.

Lessons Learned: Palm Beach County Homeowner and Association Update

Duration: 15 minutes

Hear from Laurie Albercht about ht elessons she has learned regarding LVN while working directly with homeowners and HOAs in Palm Beach County.

Genetic Challenges & Certification

Duration: 20 minutes

Hear from Dr. Kevin Kenworthy a turfgrass breeder and researcher out of University of Florida on the genetic challenges within the turfgras industry when it comes to St. Augustine grass and LVN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Palmetto St. Augustine is a beautiful, soft-textured, semi-dwarf, emerald-green St. Augustine with good shade tolerance, good drought tolerance, and excellent cold tolerance. PALMETTO IS ALSO LVN RESISTANT. Palmetto is a patented and trademarked grass that can only be grown by licensed sod farms. Sod Solutions owns the proprietary rights to Palmetto St. Augustine.

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Unfortunately, no. Presently, there is neither a preventative nor a curative maintenance program for LVN. If your Floratam lawn gets LVN, it will eventually die. Fortunately, LVN is not a problem outside of certain, very specific geographic regions in Florida. For more information on LVN, watch this webinar: Understanding Lethal Viral Necrosis

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