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Zoysia 101

Zoysia is a traffic tolerant, attractive, versatile, common sense sod choice that is clearly worthy of the serious consideration it is currently receiving in a large part of the United States.


  • Zoysia is a genus of grass found across Asia, Australia and the islands of the Pacific. Its roots in America go back approximately 125 years.


  • A slow growing grass, Zoysiagrass is most effectively installed as sod in almost all cases. Seeding is virtually impossible.


  • Unlike many grasses, it can tolerate wide variations in soil, temperature, sunlight and water. As such, it flourishes in the southern and transition zones of the United States.


  • Zoysia is a preferred choice of many discerning golf courses and homeowners. It is found as commonly on tee boxes and fairways as it is in well-maintained lawns.


  • Zoysiagrasses exhibit finer texture, soft feel and a surprisingly low growth habit. They stay green much longer than many other grasses, including Bermudagrass and other warm-season grasses.


  • A traffic-friendly grass with a good look and feel that requires less mowing and watering is especially appealing. Zoysia also requires less fertilization.


  • It even limits erosion on slopes and is excellent at repelling weeds throughout the year, two more assets that explain its popularity.


  • Zoysiagrass is less vulnerable to fungus and pets under most circumstances.


  • The choices are plentiful. Empire Zoysia, a revolutionary medium-bladed, dark green cultivar, is quickly gaining favor among homeowners and golf course professionals for a plethora of reasons.
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