It’s Lawnmower Maintenance Time Again!

It’s Lawnmower Maintenance Time Again!

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It’s Lawnmower Maintenance Time Again!

Spring is Near, So Cutting Season Can’t Be Far Away

You’re invested in your lawn. It looks great because you wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ve picked the perfect sod. You’ve discovered the perfect nutrient system. You water just enough. And the results are fabulous. The real question is about you and your lawnmower.

Does it get the same TLC as your car or SUV, for that matter?

Odds are your mower features a gasoline-powered, small internal combustion engine, just like your vehicle. That’s why it needs your focused attention, especially with peak season on the horizon.

Let’s get started…

Is your spark plug friend or foe?

Your lawnmower certainly knows the difference. A dirty spark plug, or one that is coming loose, will ensure your mower performs inefficiently. It will waste fuel, run choppy, be difficult to start and will likely chew up rather than smoothly cut your lawn. Worse still, a mower with a burned out spark plug won’t even start. Follow the proper protocol to clean your spark plug after carefully disconnecting it. If the engine doesn’t start after that cleaning, it’s time for a new spark plug. Many skip the cleaning stage altogether and replace the spark plug every spring.

That’s not a bad call, considering the affordability of a new spark plug. (One heads up…if your old spark plug is covered, in part, by a white oily substance, you may have a fuel leak.)


Can your mower’s engine still breathe?

It is likely your mower’s air filter is inhibiting peak performance. The best approach is to change the mower’s air filter before cutting your first blade of grass this spring.  


You aren’t thinking about going a second season without changing the oil, are you?

An oil change is a must to protect the engine of your mower. Your owner’s guide will help you find the right replacement oil and assist you with the process.


OK, what about the mower blade?

It certainly can’t be taken for granted. The blade needs to be sharpened every spring. Remove the spark plug wire before using a wrench to remove the blade. Your manual can instruct you on how to sharpen it or you can find a hardware or power equip store that is up to the task.


Is the mower’s deck (underside) ready to do you in?

Most likely, especially if you ignored it all last cutting season. A dirty deck is a major problem that can easily result in both corrosion and inferior cutting. Don’t clean the underside of your mower without first disconnecting the spark plug and emptying out the gas tank.


Your lawn deserves to be cut by a properly functioning mower. 

None of the above tasks are particularly overwhelming, but if the maintenance procedures outlined seem too daunting, there are plenty of local businesses prepared to get your mower in tip-top shape. Either way, the time is now. Your lawn, and your mower, will thank you for it!

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