Installing Sod

Installing Sod

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Installing Sod

Installing Sod

One of the advantages of sod is its professional installation. Properly trained sod retailers/installers are experienced in every facet of the process.

Step 1: Selection

As will become evident throughout the learning process, there is a sod variety that best meets the situation at hand. The factors to be considered:

Climate. Use. Budget. Expectations.


Step 2: Measuring

Determining the amount of sod needed requires physical measurements and recognition of any unusual features. A sketch often is a part of the process.

Use our Square Footage Calculator to determine the amount of sod needed.


Step 3: Soil Preparation

The sod installer will take this stage seriously, starting with a soil test and topography assessment. It will conclude with the soil receiving the necessary treatment to ensure that the sod flourishes once installed. 


Step 4: Turf Installation

Turf is immediately installed upon delivery. There is a science to properly placing each piece of sod to ensure no gaps or overlaps. Placement never includes stretching. Trimming is an art that the qualified installer has mastered.


Step 5: Watering

The watering process begins within a ½ hour of installation. It should be watered once to twice daily to ensure the turf is moist until firmly rooted. (Approximately 2 weeks.) At that point, less frequent, deper watering should begin.


For more detailed instructions regarding installing sod, visit our Sod Installation page.

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