The Science of Sod | The Best Sod Doesn’t Just Appear Out of Thin Air

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The Science of Sod | The Best Sod Doesn’t Just Appear Out of Thin Air

The Science of Sod | The Best Sod Doesn’t Just Appear Out of Thin Air

Grass is grass, right? Sod is best purchased based upon color and price, correct? There can’t be that much difference between varieties and brands, true?

The answer is NO…to all of the above. There are so many types of grasses and sods that you’d likely need an endless spreadsheet to even list each of them. And it’s fair to say that no two kinds are alike.

So what is there to this science of sod?  Are there really advanced degrees offered in Turf Management and Turf Science? Do people actually become turf doctors?  You mean to tell me that there are a zillion types of sod choices available of which only a small percentage are engineered by NASA-level scientists?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. There are PhD’s whose sole profession is to refine the varieties of sod available to us, whether we are homeowners, golf course superintendents or stadium architects and grounds crews. There are doctoral degrees in turf-related sciences. Matter of fact, the vocabulary of sod will leave you breathless. ‘Cultivars,’ anyone? Familiar with ‘deficit irrigation?’

You may not be, but students are studying and researching the science of sod at schools like Oklahoma State, the University of Florida, Mississippi State and North Carolina State.

Their professors are sod geniuses who hope that a team of their protégées will capture the 2018 Turf Bowl, a prestigious event held late winter every year.

No company takes the science of sod more seriously than Sod Solutions, a South Carolina-based family business that works with the top public universities and private breeders to develop and market superior turfgrass varieties for home, sports, and golf applications as it has for almost a quarter of a century. Its founders, Tobey and Lee Ann Wagner, have long understand that research, science and a commitment to detail were the reasons some sod varieties leave ‘others in the dust.’ You might not get overly excited about drought resistance, soil strength, traffic tolerance or even ‘divot injury recovery.’ But fortunately, their talented team and the skilled producers who meticulously produce the varieties of carefully engineered sod that Sod Solutions represent care about every last detail. That makes for the best lawns, golf courses, stadium fields and parks throughout the country.

One thing is certain, the grass is always greener when Sod Solutions is involved. And they’ve got a team of scientists and dedicated producers to thank for that. Just reach out to them next time you might happen to want to discuss chinch bug resistance or spring dead spot. You can be sure that they’ll have you covered.

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