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Sod Maintenance

Fall Sod Maintenance Tips | Sod Solutions

Fall Maintenance Tips

Depending upon the type of sod you have and your location, there are several ways to maintain excellent grass health throughout the fall and winter months. With the proper sod maintenance, your lawn can bypass the dangers of insect and fungal damage and enter a new growth season healthy and ready to grow lush and green.

Palmetto® St. Augustine Maintenance

Palmetto grass grows exceptionally well in sandy, well drained soils. Keep in mind that grass stays wet longer in shade or cooler areas, and that sand drains more quickly than clay or other heavy soils. Therefore, your grass requires more moisture during very-hot times of the year, but you’ll need to reduce watering during the dormant season to avoid encouraging fungal growth.

In the fall, one inch of water, including rainfall, per week is plenty to maintain your Palmetto grass. Raise your mowing height to two to two and a half inches, but never take more than 1/3 of the blade to avoid “scalping” damage to your lawn. Finally, apply weed and feed, anti-fungicide, and insect control to prevent insect and fungal damage and to encourage healthy growth.

EMPIRE TURF® Zoysia Maintenance

Empire Zoysia tends to do best at a lower height. The summer cut should be at around 2 inches. For the Fall, lower the height of the cut to 1 ½ inches, but avoid scalping. Reduce watering and irrigation to no more than once a week. A single, deep watering is preferable. Be sure to apply a weed and feed, insect control, and fungal control product like  Lawnifi.

Bermudagrass Maintenance

Fall maintenance for Celebration, Latitude 36, or NorthBridge Bermudagrass is easy as 1, 2, 3. One, don’t over water. Two, mow a little lower than summer height at about one inch. Three, prevent weeds and feed! Apply Lawnifi™ Maintain monthly and Lawnifi™ Recover in the late Fall. Following these easy steps will keep your Celebration, Latitude 36, or NorthBridge looking great this Fall!