Summertime Lawn Care Tips | Sod Solutions


Summertime Lawn Care Tips | Sod Solutions

Summertime Lawn Care Tips

As Memorial Day approaches and the summer season kicks off, it’s important to remember that your lawn may require a little more TLC. We have some great summertime lawn care tips for you!

The living may be easy in the summertime, but your lawn experiences added stress, including the sun’s hot rays, increased outdoor activity that brings more foot traffic and weeds that try to take over. While lawn care maintenance practices vary slightly based on soil type and where you live, proper mowing, watering, weeding and fertilizing will help ensure that your lawn stands up to summertime stresses and that you are completing the best summertime lawn care routine.

As a general rule, growing seasons are longer the further south you are. To combat the heat and stress of summer, lawns need the proper amount of fertilization and water to thrive. Keep in mind that an excess of water or fertilizer can be just as harmful to the grass and environment as application of too little.

Sandy soils usually require more water to keep the turf healthy because sand drains faster than clay or heavier soils. Grass in partial shade will remain wet longer than grass in full sun and watering should be adjusted accordingly. Leaves curling in the heat of the day is a sure sign of drought stress and will open right back up after watering. Less frequent deep watering will train your lawn to grow deeper roots and combat drought more effectively. Grass constantly moist soils are at high risk for fungus and disease. If you see your grass turning brown in growing patches during the growing season, you likely have a fungus, disease or insect issue and should immediately send a soil sample to your local university extension office for a diagnosis. A major summertime lawn care tip we have is strongly recommending the use of systemic preventative fungicides and insecticides because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Here are some general tips for summer lawn care:

Keep your mower blade sharp and high. Most grass varieties perform better with a higher mow. Taller grass grows deeper roots with those roots reaching moisture that is farther down in the soil. A clean cut also is important so make sure you keep mower blades sharp. A dull blade will shred grass, making it lose moisture and turning shredded tips brown.

Don’t overwater and water in the morning. Watering your lawn between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. is the most efficient time. Less water is lost to evaporation in the morning hours and your lawn has time to dry off before nightfall. A lawn that stays wet during the night encourages disease. Most turfgrass varieties perform well with a half inch of water twice a week or one inch per week. Do not water daily!

Control weeds so they don’t outgrow surrounding grass and plants. The best weed control is often keeping a healthy lawn and regular mowing. Summer annual weeds germinate from seeds and grow to maturity. These weeds typically germinate at the end of spring or the beginning of summer, die after the first frost, then reappear the following year. To stop weeds before they begin growing, you can apply a pre-emergent herbicide  that will prevent weeds such as crabgrass and other grassy weeds from germinating. Remember to always read and follow label instructions before applying any chemical to your lawn.

Sod Solutions has developed Lawnifi, a new family of fertilization products designed to provide lawns the nutrients needed to be healthy in every season and stage of growth. One of these products, MaintainTM, can be used for spring, summer and fall feeding. Iron and nitrogen in Maintain helps grass to pop with color while also fortifying the plant and root zone to help fight disease, fungus and stress.

Sod Solutions has prepared a series of educational videos on the proper care and maintenance of several turfgrass varieties during each season of the year.