Turf Logistics – February Update

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Turf Logistics – February Update

Sod Solutions has had an exciting 2015 with our Turf Logistics platform. We had four major feature updates with more to come soon. The biggest new feature is automated routing that takes load weight and size information combined with the addresses that need deliveries and provides an optimized truck routing solution. For medium to large operations or farms making multi-drop loads, this feature can save your staff time and money. Our map based field management tool is another welcome addition, which will allow you to keep digital logs of all chemical applications.

Turf Logistics is also fully integrated with QuickBooks and will eliminate the need to redundantly enter order information. Green Acres, Inman Sod and SodCo have been using Turf Logistics for a year and continue to see time and money savings using the system.

We have a number of farms being set up and would love to add yours to the list! Contact Drew Wagner at 843-284-2347 to learn more or to schedule a free webinar.